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Single Product

Single Product View uses the following files in components/com_mymuse/views/product:

  • product.xml
  • product.php


one product

The Procuct View has many options. They are based on the options for Joomla articles, with the addition of product specific options.
The options are:

oneproduct admin

 The Product View options:


  • Show title: Show/hide the product title.
  • Show Icons: Show/hide the icons.
  • Show Print Icon: Show/hide the print icon.
  • Show Email Icon: Show/hide theemail icon.
  • Show Voting: Show/hide the voting section. The plug-in MyMuse->MyMuse Vote must be enabled.

Product Details

  • Show Parent Category: Show/hide the parent category title.
  • Link Parent: Link to the parent category.
  • Show Catgory: Show/hide the product category title.
  • Link Category: Link to the category.
  • Show Author: Show/hide the author.
  • Link Author: Show/hide theLink to the author.
  • Show Create Date: Show/hide the crete date.
  • Show Modify Date: Show/hide the modify date.
  • Show Publish Date: Show/hide the publish date.
  • Show Hits" Show/hide the hits.
  • Show Unauthorized Links: If set to Yes, links to registered content will be shown even if you are not logged-in. You will need to log in to access the full item.
  • Show Recording Details: Recording details can include: Release Date, Full time, Country, Publisher, Producer and Studio.

Product Description

  • Show Intro Text: Show/hide the Intro text.
  • Show Product Image: Show/hide the product image.
  • Product Image Height: Force the product iamge height.
  • Show "Read More":  Show/hide a "Read Mor"e link to the fyll text below.
  • Show Title with Read More: Show/hide the title with the Read more link.
  • Show Fulltext: : Show/hide the fulltext below the products.


  • Show Quantity: Show/hide a quantity box for physical items.
  • Show Items in a select dropdown: If Items have the same name, you can show a selec box based on the attribute.
  • Show Tracks: Show/hide the tracks section.
  • Player Type: One Player for All (recommended), One Player for each or Playlist. Some choces are not possible depending on the player chosen. Players are chosen by activating their plug-in.
  • Player Width: Some players can take a width attribute.
  • Player height: Change the default player height.
  • Show Select Column: Show/hide the select column.
  • Show File Size: Show/hide the File Size column.
  • Show File Time: Show/hide, the File Time column.
  • Show Cost Column: Show/hide the cost column.
  • Show Preview Column: Show/hide the preview column.
  • Show Add to Cart Button: Show/hide the Add to cart button.


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