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Big News: New Membership Software!

Dear Subscribers;

We have had to change membership software. A big thank you and a good bye to AkeebaSubs and AkeebaRelease System. Made by the wonderful Akeeba Backup people,  we kept using them long after they stopped public support.

However, all things must pass. We have switched to Membership Pro, one of the top packages for Joomla.

The Good News!

All of our subscribers have been transfered to Membership Pro. When you log in you will see extra menu items under Subscribe to:

  • Edit Your Account
  • Downloads
  • Download IDs



Moving Forward

Embedded in MyMuse is a link to an updates.xml file that tells Joomla where to look for your updates. Older installs will not have the link to the new updates.

To start using the new system, you will have to download the package and install manually. After that it will be on the new system.

After logging in here, go to My Downloads and get the latest file.

After installing manually there is one more step. Go to the Download ID page and generate a download ID by clicking the "Process" button.

Copy this download ID. On your site go to Extensions->Plugins and search for "Installer - MyMuse". Copy the Download ID into the plugin and enable the plugin.
Now your installation will keep you up to date on MyMuse updates!

Each Download ID is good for one domain name. The first time you use it, Membership Pro will fill in the domain name. You can generate more download keys for as many domains as you wish.

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