Integration with JComments

We are pleased to announce integration with JComments, a free and robust comment system for Joomla!

After you install JComments, you need a file called com_mymuse.plugin.php. click to download a zip of that file. Place it in the directory components/com_jcomments/plugins. Download the latest MyMuse and you will see options for showing comments  on product pages and showing comment counts on category pages.

Germany Gets States

The latest build com_mymuse_J25-2.5.3-984 fixes bugs and adds regions:

  1. Fix user Profile that would not select the users region
  2. Order Shipping variable was treated as an integer in one context, an object in another. Confusion reigned.
  3. Added German states/regions

If you use the user profile, shipping or live in Germany, get the latest release!
Coming soon, German language pack.


We are going to England and Scotland March 30 to April 17! Hooray for us. Support will be a bit spotty during that time, It looks like wireless access everywhere we stay but there will be distractions...

Winter Updates


The night is Dark and full of Terrors

(Game of Thrones)

And during those long nights we massage our code...

New in 2.5.3 Build 977:
Fix error in thank you emails for printing shipping.Fix coupons limit in order table. Was $9,99 now pretty well unlimited.
Several other coupon enhancements.
Fix up some errors in certain conditions for no-registration option.
Add type 'Other' for tracks that are not audio or video. Now player does not mess up trying to play pdf's .

If you use coupons or plan to sell other types of files, you should grab this update from the downloads page.





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