New Plugin Released

New Plugin Released

Redirect on Login

With this user plugin enabled, if a client has items in their cart and logs in, like at checkout time, they will be redirected to the Cart page.

Get the free 2.5 plugin here.

MyMuse 2.5 Released

MyMuse for JOOMLA! 2.5

We are pleased to announce the release of MyMuse 2.5, for Joomla! 2.5.

Highlights include:

  1. New HTML5 players for audio and video based on jPlayer.
  2. Uses Joomla! integrated categories plus you can assign products to multiple categories.
  3. Joomla! style user profiles with User Plugin
  4. Incorporates Joomla! voting system.
  5. Re-written from the ground up for 2.5.

 Subscribe Here! Access to all files, updates, support. Six months $50, one year $75.

MyMuse 1.5 Update

A new search plugin speeds thing up and now finds artists, albums and tracks. Get it here,

Gaspé Gigs

Gaspé Gigs


We are closed for the week July 30 - Aug 5. Off to some gigs in the Gaspé region of Quebec with The Cats in the Kitchen! We will answer forum questions when we can.

Update to 1.5 version

1.5 Update

For Joomla 1.5. The full package with all modules and plugins is now version com_mymuse-1.1.120525-674.
Update to the latest!

Read the latest changelog.

Read more: Update to 1.5 version

Beta Bouncing Forward

Beta Bouncing Forward

New beta for 2.5 has several fixes. Download it now.


So what is new since the last Beta? Here's a peek at the SVN log:

Read more: Beta Bouncing Forward



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