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MyMuse Simple Release 1.1.0

We are happy to announce the release of MyMuseSimple Version 1.1.0.

Updated for PHP 7.2 with several fixes and enhancements.

FREE to use and distribute. Available HERE.


We have spent some time developing Acceptance Tests using Codeception and the Joomla Browser webdriver.
Thanks to the Joomnla team for first developing this test suite. Now adapted to MyMuse.

Find the test suite here: https://github.com/gordfisch/mymusesimple

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Update to 3.4.3

We are happy to announce the release of version 3.4.3.


There are many improvements including:

Fixes problem with store description editor.
Update discount plugin for include/exclude category/product.
Update product view for physical items.
Update guest checkout saving profile.

Get the latest release here: https://www.joomlamymuse.com/index.php/subscribe/downloads/mymuse-3

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Updating Older Versions CSS

By design, MyMuse updates do not overwrite your mymues.css file, in case you have made changes.

Since version 3.4.0, there is a new product view page, that uses javascript and a modal overlay to alert users that an item has been placed in the cart.

Read more: Updating Older Versions CSS

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