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MyMuse Version 4: The May Day Release

We are pleased to announce the release of MyMuse Version 4.

We haven't had many releases lately but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

After several years of adding features we felt things were getting out of hand, so we stripped the code down to the basics and released MyMuse Simple. Building on that solid core we brought back the things we wanted, all organized and tidy. We are still working on Amazon S3 integration. If you use that, please be patient. Coming soon in separate plugin.

We hope all current customers will find all they need. There may be the odd thing deprecated or gone.

We finally have a set of Acceptance Tests to run with each code change to ensure quality and consistency in the code. If you are a test geek or want to join in the coding, check out the git hub test repository.


New Features in 4

  •  More control over the product view. Most users want to make their own templates and the file was a bit of a monster. Now divided into sections:
    - product.php: the ringleader
    - product_heading.php: the top of the page
    - product_items.php: if you are selling Items with attributes (size, color, etc.)
    - product_physical.php: if you are selling CD's or Vinyl
    - product_recommends.php: if you want to show recommended items, either by individual set-up or related category.
    - product_recording.php: if you want to show the recording details (producer, studio, etc.)
    - product_release.php: for special release info, All Tracks
    - product_tracks.php: show those tracks and previews

  • Better Control of Items/Merch
    - Selling Merch is complicated. Now there are more tools to aid set-up and display.
    - Presell if out of stock by showing "BackOrdered"

  • Promote/PreOrder your releases
    - set a release date in the future
    - allow sales of tracks marked as 'Pre-Ordered'

  • Simplify the Upload Functions
    - now using the Joomla Media Manager. Why have Yet Another Upload Script to maintain?
    - FTP is still a good choice with lots of files.


New Plugins

  • Shipping USPS

  • Payment Monetico
    - For Quebec users, let Dejardins be your payment processor.


  • To get updates downloaded to your site, please go to MyMuse and choose Options in the top right. In the Live Update tab, enter your download ID.
  • Your DownloadID is printed on your invoice or log in to this site and go to Subscribe->My Subscriptions. Click on "View Detail".
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