New View For Front End

New View For Front End

New View for artists that don't have albums proper but lots of songs in different formats (eg. mp3, pdf, bww, zip).
Also many improvements in item attributes, routing, languages fixes and more.


Micropayments Are Here!

Latest version of mymuse (MyMuse Version 1.0.100819 build 129) updates the paypal plugin to include an option for using micropayments.
You need a separate account at PayPal that uses micropayments. The plugin can set the  "cutoff" so orders
over the cutoff use the regular paypal account.

Policies at paypal regarding micropayments are in flux. As of this writing it only supported some transactions (such as US to US). From this post it looks like it will rolled out to multiple currencies soon: PayPal upcoming Policies

MyMuse Beta Released

MyMuse Release Candidate!

We are proud to announce  Mymuse Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1, an Open Source, free, shopping cart for musicians.
MyMuse is issued under the GPL.

We move steadily towards the version 1 release. New features lately added include

Shopper groups, each can have their own discount
Plug_shoppergroup: redirect groups to their own views
Mod_mymuse_latest: show the latest tracks or albums
More flash players: added the amazing flowplayer
Added flash players for the admin to check tracks and previews

Download the extension and give it a try. You are required to register, which is what you would have to do if you were using MyMuse. In fact we use MyMuse to handle the downloads!

Don't forget, almost every page has a detailed help screen and the latest documentation is found here.

Thank you for choosing MyMuse.


Installation and Support

Installation and Support

Need help installing or setting up your artist pages?
We have very reasonable rates.
Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more: Installation and Support

Made by Musicians for Musicians

Sell your CD's and individual tracks online. Sell anything digital.

MyMuse for Joomla! is a Joomla! extension with associated modules and plugins.

The extension is a shopping cart geared to musicians, record labels, music distribution centers, church choirs, DJ's, Video sharing, file serving sites. It can sell both physical items, like CDs or DVD's as well as individual tracks or any digital good that can be downloaded. It keeps track of products, orders and downloads. Set up previews with flash or HTML5 plugins.

Other plugins enable payment options,  searching for products, shipping options and more.


  • Create multiple categories for your products. Assign products to multiple categories.
  • Create products, physical or not, add multiple tracks/files for sale and other items like books or DVD's.
  • Add previews of your files, audio or video
  • Set up taxes and shipping rates
  • Multiple views. Create menus for
    • The Store itself
    • All Categories
    • Individual Artists/Categories with list of products in blog or list format
    • Individual products
    • The shopping cart
    • Shopper orders
    • Artist sales reports

Supports payment processing at  PayPal, Stripe,, Moneybookers, Monsterpay, Payfast, Paynow, and Payunity.



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