PayPal Problems

PayPal and Payment Logging

Added logging of payments and ability for the admin to add payments manually. Handy if you get cheques or bank drafts.

Sometimes, Paypal notify script can take longer than the return to the site. The customer will then see the order as still Pending. A refresh of the page shows the order as Confirmed, with download links. The email sent always shows the update to Confirmed and the download links.

I will work on that.

Please upgrade to the latest version!


Joomla Users as Shoppers

Shorten Registration

Only have downloadables? Don't need shipping addresses? In build 175, a new option in the Store lets you shorten registration to just the Joomla fields.

Also update the language files. Getting ready for the French translation.


Micropayments Are Here!

Latest version of mymuse (MyMuse Version 1.0.100819 build 129) updates the paypal plugin to include an option for using micropayments.
You need a separate account at PayPal that uses micropayments. The plugin can set the  "cutoff" so orders
over the cutoff use the regular paypal account.

Policies at paypal regarding micropayments are in flux. As of this writing it only supported some transactions (such as US to US). From this post it looks like it will rolled out to multiple currencies soon: PayPal upcoming Policies

New View For Front End

New View For Front End

New View for artists that don't have albums proper but lots of songs in different formats (eg. mp3, pdf, bww, zip).
Also many improvements in item attributes, routing, languages fixes and more.

Installation and Support

Installation and Support

Need help installing or setting up your artist pages?
We have very reasonable rates.
Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more: Installation and Support



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