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About MyMuse 2.5

MyMuse 2.5 for Joomla!

MyMuse for Joomla! is created by Arboreta Internet Services. A company located in Montreal, Canada, dedicated to bringing high quality Joomla! extensions to the music community.

MyMuse for Joomla! is available to subscribers. With an active subscription you will see links to the files on the download page.

Purchase a subscription for MyMuse.

Your purchase gives you access to the main package, support through Arboreta's ticket system and access to all updates and additions.

6 Month Access and Support = $50.00 CAN
1 Year Access and Support = $75.00 CAN

You are free to use MyMuse on as many domains as you wish. 
When your access expires, MyMuse will continue to work. There is no "call home" script or expiry mechanism.
You will get a notice when the subscription is about to expire and an invitiation to renew.

The main MyMuse package will install all of the following:

com_mymuse: the main component

mod_mymuse_latest: show latest albums, show latest tracks. 
mod_minicart: show products in your cart

Payment plugins:

Preview Players:
plug_audio_html5: using Jplayer HTML5 with flash fallback.
plug_video_html5: using Jplayer HTML5 with flash fallback

plug_mp3player_dewplayer: flash player from Alsacreations
plug_mp3player_flowplayer: flash player from Flowplayer
plug_vidplayer_dewplayer: flash player from Alsacreations
plug_vidplayer_flowplayer: flash player from Flowplayer

More Plugins:
plug_preorder: Set minimums for number of items or total amount
plug_shipping_standard: set shipping costs for first item, subsequent items
plug_shipping_price: set shipping costs as percentage of price

User Plugins:
plug_user_mymuse: add to the user's profile
plug_user_redirectonlogin: redirect them to the cart. if there is one, on login

Search Plugin:
plug_search: include products in global search

All modules and plugins are installed by the main package. When updating, you may want to just download the updated module or plugin.


  • Create multiple categories for your products.
  • Create products for CD's, add multiple tracks for sale and other items like books, DVD's.
    Add previews for audio or video.
    Set up taxes and shipping rates. 
  • Multiple views. Create menus for
    • The Store itself, with or without featured products.
    • All  Categories
    • Individual Categories with product listings
    • Particular products
    • The shopping cart
    • Shopper orders
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