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Release Candidate 2

Release Candidate 2

Loses weight and changes parameters!

We are proud to announce the birth of Release Candidate 2. It comes in at a tidy 1.78 Megs as opposed to 3.37 M. We decided to keep the help files on this server and not ship them with each release. We will bundle them with the upcoming manual for those that like to read offline. This smaller size makes installation much faster and more reliable.

Major changes to the parameters! We used to have most parameters adjustable at the menu level. This was more obvious, which was good, but a pain to change and easy to mix up. We have moved most parameters now to be global Component Parameters which can be set from the Store or default MyMuse screen in administration. Menus can over ride them if you like. This is more the Joomla! Way.

IMPORTANT! If you are upgrading from a previous version you will have to open and save the Component Parameters and go through your menus. Check the Parameters (Component) section.

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