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MyMuse for Joomla4 Released!

September 6, 2023. MyMuse for Joomla 4 (version 5.2.0) is released.

This is not a fudge of the J3 version made to work on J4. This is a total rewrite of the Joomla 3 version using the latest Joomla coding standards and best practices.


With MyMuse you can

  • Sell your tracks online
  • Create Artist/Albums/Tracks, or as we call them, Caegories/Products/Tracks
  • You can create multiple Artist-Categories and assign the products to several
  • You can sell different formats of the tracks (ex: MP3 and WAV)
  • An audio module can play prviews from each page.

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Version 5 includes many database changes and improvements. We can now track sales of different formats.
Because of this, the upgrade from J3 is not trivial and there is no path to go back.
For that reason you should make a BACKUP of your site including your database. You should try things on a staging copy of your site first.

Upgrading any Joomla site from 3 to 4 can present challenges. Make sure all other components and plugins are Joomla4 ready.

Read more detail on upgrading.


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