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List Layout Options

These options control the appearance of the Category List layout.

mymuse options list
  • Display Select.(Hide/Show). Whether to hide or show the Display # control that allows the user to select the number of items to show in the list.
    If there are more items than this number, you can use the page navigation buttons (Start, Prev, Next, End, and page numbers) to navigate between pages. Note that if you have a large number of items, it may be helpful to use the Filter options, located above the column headings, to limit which items display.

  • Filter Field.The Filter Field creates a text field where a user can enter a field to be used to filter the Products shown in the list.

  • Hide: Don't show a filter field.
  • Title: Filter on Product title.
  • Author: Filter on the author's name.
  • Hits: Filter on the number of Product hits.
  • Release Date: The release date of the albums
  • Table Headings.(Hide/Show) Table Headings show a heading above the Product list, as shown below.
    If set to Show, this heading will show about the list. Otherwise the list will show with no headings.
  • Show Artist: (Hide/Show). Hide or show the Artist Name.
  • Show Album:(Hide/Show). Hide or show the Album (Product) Name.
  • Show Date.This option allows you to show a date in the list. The options are as follows.
    options list date fields
  • Hide: Don't show any date.
  • Created: Show the created date.
  • Modified: Show the date of the last modification.
  • Created: Show the start publishing date.
  • Date Format: Optional format string to control the format of the date (if shown). If left blank, the date will use the DATE_FORMAT_LC1 format from the language file (for example, "D M Y" for "31 December 2012" or "m-d-y" for "12-31-12"). See PHP Date Documentation for more information.
  • Show Hits in List: (Hide/Show). Whether to hide or show the number of hits for this item.
  • Show Price Column: (Hide/Show). Whether to hide or show the price for this item.
  • Show Author Column: (Hide/Show). Whether to hide or show the name of the author.
  • Show Sales Column: (Hide/Show). Whether to hide or show the number of sales for this item.