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4 years 1 month ago #2411 by kmartin
SEO and MyMuse was created by kmartin
I'm trying to get some more web presence and I'm having problems.

1. As you know, we split our Backing Tracks into Volumes. Each Volume has 14-15 titles and each title has a corresponding score / tab. I read that Search Engines no longer recognize meta Keywords, but the Meta Description is the most important, but it shouldn't be longer than 160 character including spaces. If I try to put song titles into the Description I end up with >300 characters. How can I put Song Titles into the Search Engines.
2. I was hunting for info and i got this from an SEO forum : -
Apparently, since version 3.7, you can now easily have a different browser page title for each page.
In the Homepage, "Demo Backing Tracks" is h1 (but with lots of nested spans).
On Oswald's Demo Tracks, for example, it seems that h1 and h2 headers/tags aren't used.
It starts at h3, with Products. So the theme/template is not especially/really good for seo

It would seem from this that perhaps you could improve the template to allow this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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4 years 1 month ago #2415 by gfisch
Replied by gfisch on topic SEO and MyMuse
Hi Hank;

I am not an SEO expert but you CAN add meta tags for Keyword and Description to each product.
The latest version of MyMuse adds og (open graph) and twitter meta tags to make using social media easier.

As I understand it, the Keywords are not used, at least by Google, as they are prone to spam words. The description will be used when your link comes up in google. I am not sure of the cutoff but 160 characters sounds good.

So, I don't know how you will get all the song titles in. You could put a short description then all the song titles. Perhaps the song titles will not show on the google links but they may be indexed as part of the description. As they show up on the page, they are indexed as part of the page content anyway.

For the heading tags: Joomla has a system, that Mymuse generic templates follow, where you can set a 'Page Heading' in the menu and that, if set, will get shown with the H1 tag. In the menus there is also an option to 'Show Title'. If this is set, MyMuse presents it in an H2 tag.

I believe your site uses it's own custom template overrides in the /templates/your_template_name/html/com_mymuse/products folder. They may be based on much older versions. In any case, it is easy to edit these and change the title tag to H1.


El Gordo

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3 years 7 months ago #2473 by Kelnhofer90
Replied by Kelnhofer90 on topic SEO and MyMuse
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